Reintegrate Appalachia is a collaborative effort between West Virginia Sober Living (WVSL) and Coalfield Development Corporation (Coalfield) and is supported by West Virginia University Health Sciences Center (WVU HSC) and Ascension Recovery Services (Ascension). The initiative helps re-engage each participant in their community through meaningful employment, gives them the opportunity to continue their education, grow their professional skills and receive continuation of the clinical and peer-to-peer support needed to maintain sobriety.

Reintegrate supports, monitors, and provides accountability for those in recovery, assisting them in becoming reliable, dependable employees while also providing support to the employer.

Through the 33-6-3-PLUS program, each participant is required to participate in:

33 hours of full-time employment a week

6 hours of higher education in the community/or technical college setting a week

3 hours of personal/professional development a week

A robust addiction recovery monitoring program

Eligibility requirements for participation include:

    • The applicant has to be a resident of the Appalachian Region and at least 18 years of age.
    • The applicant must have successfully completed medically managed withdrawal and clinical stabilization treatment program and be prepared to re-enter the workforce.
    • The applicant should demonstrate a strong desire and motivation to participate in Reintegrate including his/her commitment to participating in all required activities of the 33-6-3-PLUS program.

Reintegrate Appalachia is the agent that will place Appalachian residents into a job at a workplace that not only respects those in recovery from SUD but also creates an environment that incorporates recovery into daily living,”

– Doug Leech, co-principal of Reintegrate and founder of WVSL and Ascension Recovery Services.